7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On Social Media

If you are small/medium business owner who has been holding off on implementing a social media strategy, it’s time to stop wondering and start taking full advantage of social media for digital self-promotion.

This is not a trend that will soon fade, but a necessity in the business world today, so here’s a list of 7 good reasons and ways to leverage your digital presence.


#1 Compete With Your Competitors

Do you want to keep being successful? Look around and you will notice your competitors are already doing this. They are using Social Media to capture more attention, earn a better reputation and may even reach out to your clients. It happens often, especially in hyper-competitive industries, so it’s time you start competing too.

#2 Engage With Your Customers

You don’t need to be on every platform, but you should have a place beyond your website to interface with people, where people are looking for you.

Social Media is where customers and potential customers congregate, so create content that they’ll love, share and talk about. Ask them questions, make them feel part of a big family and if they feel that you give them attention, they will trust you. Everyone loves getting something for free so use contests and give-aways to reward customers.

#3 Increase Brand Awareness

Advertisements are annoying, but content is welcome. If you spend all your time on social media advertising your products and services, you’ll be ignored. But if you create and share content that is valuable to your target audience and tells stories about your brand, then they welcome your voice among their feed.

#4 Gain Valuable Customer Insights

Build and monitor your community to discover information about your customers, their taste and interests. Analyse your followers, their feedback and opinions. Find out who they are, where they live, what they do, what are their interests. Collect as many data as you can and learn to tweak your marketing strategy accordingly to reach an even bigger audience.

#5 Provide Customer Care

Social Networks can be a very powerful tool for Customer Care, as this is where most of the time customers make complaints, write reviews and ask for help. Monitor the conversations around your brand and make sure you listen and answer them quickly, kindly and efficiently. This is the only way to show your customers that you value their opinion and care about their experience and the best way to discover your strengths and weaknesses.

#6 Cut Marketing Costs

Attempting to get your messaging across to your target audiences through outbound marketing tactics like direct mail, billboards, TV and radio ads could not only be ineffective but it can quickly put you over budget too.

Take advantage of Social Media to reach your audience in a cost-efficient way and advertise on social networks, as Facebook for example, which allows you to reach a particular slice of the population in a desired geographic area.


Here’s the proof: according to Social Media Examiner’s report: 92% of brands stated that Social Media has helped their business gain exposure.

 78% of people say companies’ social media posts influence their purchasing decisions and 73% of consumers are likely to buy from a brand that responds to them on social media

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