10 Lightroom Presets

 perfect for editing on the go!

This pack includes 10 Presets created by me, Marianna, ready for copy & paste on your photos in 1 click using the FREE Mobile Lightroom App (or Desktop version if you have it).

If you are new to editing pictures and looking for an easy way to achieve a more cohesive Instagram are in the right place.  The BALI Preset Pack focuses on outdoor/daylight pictures making it perfect for bright summer vacations and sunsets, but they also work wonderfully on indoor photos.

BALI jungle

BALI pirate

BALI forest

BALI warm

BALI sunset

BALI daylight

BALI vintage

BALI explorer

BALI chic

BALI underwater


Can I download the Presets directly on my phone?

Yes! Here's what you need to do:

  • Install the FREE Lightroom CC Mobile App. You can get it here for Apple or Android.
  • If you're using Android, simply download the files and import them into Lightroom.
  • For iPhone: to download and install the presets directly on your mobile you will need an unzip app. I use one called ZIP EXTRACTOR
  • On your checkout page click the DOWNLOAD box and select Open in "Zip Extractor"
  • Once the file have been extracted you should see a folder named "MG-BALI-PACK-10-Presets" and below it should mention '10 items'
  • At this point you can leave the Zip Extractor and open Lightroom
  • Select "Create a new Album", you can name it as you prefer.
  • Open the new album you just created and click "Add Photos" on the bottom right corner of your phone.
  • Select "Add From Files", look for the Zip Extractor Folder, open it and select the "MG-BALI-PACK-10-Presets" previously extracted.
  • CONGRATS! The pictures are now imported to your album along with the presets.
  • To start editing you can now simply tap Copy Settings on one of my photos and Paste Settings on your photos!  
If you download the Presets on your computer, here's the next step:

If you have downloaded the presets on your computer, there's a few ways you can move them to your mobile phone:

  • You can Air Drop them, between Apple devices
  • You can upload the presets on your Dropbox or Google Drive  accounts (they're free), access the apps on your phone and download them.


Will the Presets work with photos taken with my phone?

Yes, these presets work on both RAW & JPEG, phone and camera files.

Please remember that every picture is different, because of the background colors, light etc...

In some cases you might need an extra little tweak to achieve better results for example adjust the "exposure" to match correctly with your photo or the temperature.


Can I use the Presets on my computer?

If you want to use the presets on your computer, you can download the free trial Adobe provides to test out Lightroom!

Get it here! 

After the trial expires, you will need a subscription to use it long-term.


This product is digital download, therefore the pack is not refundable.

What's next?

It's super simple!

After the checkout you will directly have access to a download link (you will also receive it on your email).

If you're doing this on your mobile, you can download the Presets directly on it (make sure to follow the instructions above under " Can I download the Presets directly on my phone?).

Alternatively, download them on your laptop first, and transfer them to your phone after.

Need help? GET IN TOUCH!

If you've purchased my Presets and need some more assistance setting up Lightroom or editing your photos please do get in touch!

You've trusted me and supported me with your purchase and the least I can do is offer you some help in return 🙂 

Send me a direct message on Instagram HERE!


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