How To Promote Your Brand On Social Media Without “Spamming” Your Followers

Most customers find it annoying when brands use social media merely for product placements. However, many consumer analysis have proven that an occasional customer could turn into a loyal customer after interacting with a brand online.

So how can you succeed at promoting your brand online without “spamming” your followers?

Start with creating pages on only those Social Network that works well for you.

If your target audience is teenagers, stop wasting your time posting content on LinkedIn. So:

    • Analyse your target audience
    • Discover where they gather online
    • Focus on those social media platforms

There is no reason for you to keep pushing out content to an audience that is not interested in what you have to say.

Take time to launch your pages.

Make sure that once you launch potential clients can easily find all the information they will be looking for: a link to your official website, details on where your business is located and how they could get in touch with you.

On Instagram, you only have 150 characters to write a description of your business, so try to be short and creative. On Facebook, make sure to take advantage of the possibility to include a longer Bio and a list of services you provide.

Now that you are all set up to start sharing your stories:

 Find the right tone to suit your target audience.

And stick to it.

Make sure this reflects your brand offline too. For example, if you are a Financial Advisor, you probably want to keep it formal and give a sense of security to your audience.

Only share content that matters to your audience.

It can be something entertaining or informative, but always make sure that your content will be interesting to your followers.

Several researches have proven that nowadays customers ignore obvious product placements. Customers are smarter than ever before so make sure only a small part of the content you share has an obvious focus on increasing your sales.

As long as you keep the conversation going and provide something useful to your customers, your audience, and clients list, should keep growing.

If you need help launching your brand on social media, or if you are already online but need to refresh the content you’re sharing on your pages, you can always get in touch with me directly at

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